This information is to be used as a guide for dating your whistles. The addresses and address stamps used may not have happened exactly from the start of any year. There will be overlaps and exceptions but it should not be by much.

A comparison of address stamps with

actual dates stamped on the whistle

from 1902 - 1914

The 'M' changes font and the 'N' is fixed sometime in 1907.

Extra Characteristics In Some Whistles 

Flaws or Deterioration in Address stamps can help you to date Whistles in a glance.

 1901 Whistle

  The 1901 whistle is the only whistle with the 1889 - 1901 address stamp that has the CURVED J.Hudson&Co with a thicker concave loop.

   Sometimes its hard to determine if the loop on the 1901 whistle is either the thinner pre 1901 or the thicker 1901 - 1908. To determine if you have a 1901 whistle you can also look at the top left part of the 'B' in Birmingham to see if its missing.

1908 Whistle

1907 - 1913



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